Life Focus: Paying It Forward

Okay guys, so today’s post is more of a personal reflection. When things get crazy, I believe it’s important to take a deep breath and regroup. I’ve had a crazy week, trying to get all the paperwork done
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Getting Artsy: Embracing Your Art

This week I was cleaning out some of my old art supplies (empty acrylics, used up watercolors, frayed brushes) and I came across a few old paintings I’d done. Anyone who creates will tell you: you are ALWAYS your own worst critic
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Life Focus: Arm Knitting!

Wherever you are, whatever you were doing, I’m throwing out a challenge to you: try something new today!

Earlier this week, I fell prey to the never-ending tunnel that is YouTube. As I mindlessly watched videos for hours on end, one video on the side bar caught my eye: a tutorial on arm knitting a scarf.
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